Our range of services in packaging and filling technology

NEXUS Packaging GmbH is where packaging and food meet. We provide services on neutral ground for the manufacturers of packaging material as well as producers of packaging machines and also of food.

To be true to our claim of practical relevance and to be able to answer the relevant questions on site, NEXUS Packaging GmbH has field workers specifically qualified in packaging and certified as such by the BDSH (a German association for specialist craftsmen).

You need an independent report from a certified expert in the field of packaging?

Packaging testsInteraction between packaging and foodConsultationCertificates, ExpertiseSeminars, On-site training
Chemical-physical quality parametersProduct development and quality assurance investigations
Investigation of causes (deviations)
Hygiene advice / inspectionsConformity declarationsPackaging and sensors
Sensory quality parametersHACCP adviceExpert reportsPackaging and food quality/safety
Microbiological quality parametersLegal regulations (food and packaging)Packaging and hygiene
Trading standards (IFS)HACCP